Nexus: The Series

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Awakening : Prologue
The rays of the sun was just peaking out of the Venetian blinds, across the vomit green carpet, and then right into the face of Jessica Lavelle-- whom was lying fast asleep on the bed. A moment later, the brunette\'s eyes began to flutter underneath her closed eyelids. Jessica gradually opened her dark brown eyes, then groaned at the bright, and very unpleasant light. Jessica quickly shut her eyes again, and with another painful groan she flipped over and laid back down on the nice soft pillow. She was just about to fall back to sleep when she then noticed that her pillow was slightly moving up and down in a rhythmic pattern. Almost like the pillow was breathing. \'Wait a minute!\' Jessica thought. \'Pillows don\'t breathe!\' Jessica popped opened her eyes again and immediately noticed that she wasn\'t in her room at all, but in a cheap motel room. She looked down and was very surprised to see that her pillow was not a pillow at all, but instead a very broad muscular chest of someone that was very obviously male.

Episode 1: Precipice (Preview)
"Yeah right" Tony snorted. "He was practically feeling you up right in front of me...And you just sat there ate it all up, you goddamn slut!" Jessica was quite frankly fed up with her husband's attitude. "Screw you! Maybe I should have slept with Jason. At least he would have given me some attention." Tony shot out with his left hand and slapped Jessica. The force of the slap sending her back into the car door. "Hey! Stop it!" Xander yelled. The teenager usually didn't interfere in his parent's arguments, but his father had just crossed the line.

Episode 1 - Precipice: Part 1
The Harris family ends up in a car accident, with Xander is the only survivor. Xander's godmother, Norah McNally is notified, and her husband Clay, her son, Jesse, and his best friend, Willow Rosenberg rushes to the hospital. They discover that Xander is severally injured and is in desperate need of Kidney transplant.

Episode 1 - Precipice: Part I (Edited Version)
I found out to my own horror, and embarrassment that I posted the unedited version of Episode 1. I have reposted the edited, and in my opinion at least, the more readable version. I am sorry for any Inconvenience that I caused for any of my readers.

Episode 2 - Precicpice: Part 2
Xander discovers that he is a spirit, and is taken to midland; the place between life and death. He is met by person from his past and is given a choice that could change everything. Meanwhile, Norah, Clay, Rory, are given the results of the tests and they have to break the news to Jesse and Willow.