Radiator- a hot respite on cold days

Does the thought of entering that cold damp bathroom every morning send shivers down your spine? Donít you just wish that your bathroom could be made more comfortable and warmer, thus providing you respite from the icy hell it turns into every winter? If these questions exactly mirror your thoughts, then a radiator is just the thing that you need. Originally used only as a towel warmer, modern technology has morphed radiators into a completely new avatar where it not only provides fluffy warm towels but also warms your entire bathroom, thus protecting you from those chilly forays into the bathroom in winter. Nowadays, radiators are available in inexhaustible varieties of prices, styles and outputs. If the shape of your bathroom doesnít fit any conventional description, try getting a column radiator which comes in separate pieces and thus can be put together just according to your requirements. Or, if sleek looks are your priority, itís a designer radiator that you need. Standard panel radiators come in different forms to fit the output requirements of your bathroom. If you are on the lookout for a radiator for the kids and elderly people in your home, where the maximum emphasis is on safety, then low surface temperature radiators are just the thing for you. Other than these, there are many other varieties such as compact and fan convector radiators. Usually, radiators are priced between $1000 to $5000 and manufacturers offer guarantee periods of 5 to 25 years depending on the make of the radiator. Itís important that you consult your plumber and check the heat output range or BTU of the bathroom, before you decide to buy a certain radiator. Once you buy one, follow the instruction manual of the radiator carefully to ensure