at night we all spin around the same sun

I mean I know I do. What on earth do you mean, well it is a short and simple story after only the car wash empire and special for greedy only fish store came to same time existence got to wondering about that night I got jumped I mean I had done nothing to deserve it but go back down to the main mans' house instead of bumming my new little friends "palace of 'sin'", me staying straight from or due to getting an forced overdose of religion and being drug rehabilitated it seemed stupid but the morals go "to eventually backslide" and inevitable truth or to fall from grace, crap i meant get back in the fight well that is was; damn. I ain't want no crack cocaine but they seemed to apply it to the missing 6 hours give or take actually give a bit well the evening went like this ""oh, you got a carwash"" K.COPLAND.. I am a Southpark fan and can't stand the fact I saw kenny got notorious beating up a chick and still Eric Carmen virtually beat to death from a dead-beat crack head I happened to of met not known. Mo's sister. Went to walk through the all black Lincoln Park over the bridge down the sidewalk turn right after the haven park and soda machine to pass the mermory church a pimp and his local client marriage right what an excuse a biggest liar. Down the street of normal Kenny Folk to go under the bigger railroad bridge and return to my as in Flintstone Bedrock, Afganistan my dwelling Bobby and Hank, not necessarily the Simpsons too much cash..., my home with mom and dad don't push it I was get $17.00 a hour as a computer operator at another twin site the modified National Cancer Institutes of Rockville, MD. such is humor. When up on the bridge Robin Hoods black aspirants say over 25 but up to 20 black teenagers with cans of beer wanting me to play the unfortunate an escort them to Francos Bar not full of female anatomy? I lipped a can said what you nerds this is blatent public drinking up on the bridge! Got a free beer I only and kept a penny, maybe half as the T.V. movie date rape Florida exposes. And said mentally this is backslidin' and slipped out: since I hadn't I kept on my journey accross the street up the two turn bridge and down the two turn other end too travel the street turn right at the corner return to my house 6 hours after turning back to run from two lookout gang guards tromping their way to the bar also, too say either the house had got the dope or the rest of the ill concieved night was "on", see I feel the house I had visited down the long street I lived on in the other direction of the city had tipped them off or asked them to blow me up like Cryptonite a carbon 3 hydrogen 6 Nitrogen 6 Oxygen in the name of the 'Universe' producer for all mankind only 2 carbon atoms and a third understand called -carbon, 2 hydrogen (enjoy counting) and a like 2 Nitrogen and as the Pepsi's 'hold "'hands'"; and attach to your kitchen sink water filter with plastic bottles around the world or either hold hands (one and only one oxygen atom we all share together) do it!!! That crap vibes I feel in discovery stink truely. They and somehow I managed to find my glasses on my head when I started back on my small evening stroll at 2:12PM instead of shortly before dusk (late) say what 8:35PM best be looking like. And did how funky in the morning had the guts or nerve to go to the place of the foot of the bridge and pick my belonging what I could find was in my pockets see I was applying magic so good it s'pposed to worked. Like green monster boy both 1 and 2. Got hit in the face for the second time of my life (a few times) once in fourth grade out playing at lunch this Guy just out of the blue for that he swears he belonged a grade or two up and it was my fault. Kicked t2o etc. can't explain just a non-defensive attitude until time to fend the draft and I was in my late 30's maybe exactly 40. Learn to Fight - Self-Defense Video DVDs & Free Self-Defense Ebooks King of The Hill YTP - peggys a crackhead Homer Simpson on weed [its entertainment] IYAZ - Replay Cover (JRA, AJ Rafael, Andrew Garcia) ilajil "look at me?" Sarge: amigo uno shadow of the damned is th th this me (a,a,a) u3 الألام العميقة site definition UPDATE - April free squeeze page software Do you know the REAL secret to making money online? The KEY is in having your own email list... When you have a list, you can write a short email, send it to your list and watch as the sales start coming in. While most people understand the power of a list... Most are confused on HOW to build a list. If that sounds like you, then you're in luck. I just got access to a new software program that will actually help you to build your list. You'll get 5 of the best converting squeeze pages online, and some instruction on how to get people to join your list. 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Well it was not that fixed as when I did a fix like a not working link I had to do it and get out. I noticed because once early on I tightened up a bad link and did double check or something one of the normal type things the whole page got vaporized and is gone to this day. So the third or first page never returned and it was the second that got lost. So now the return of the third is in the number two slot. I since it is like a petition for spare change send masterful emails was able to create a patch for both page one and on three what was page two. And it may be as good a big claim as I spent over three years in edit mode and finally had replaced crews and crews of dead links as I picked and pasted stuff as time went on and on. Too make a presentable souvenir like shop. So maybe it is as good, NO? Here is the link: social peers Godzilla claims my scrupples safe! exorcism of 911 resident evil Freeride {who say's} SImon his schoolhouse is surrounded by a sidewalk? Nena- 99luft Balons Foghat - Hero to Zero Frijid Pink - House of the Rising Sun Abraham, Martin & John WSRH - Niżej Podpisani | skrecze Dj Show prod.: Donatan i Pola Tabasko - Wychowani w Polsce HD 4/23/2012 - update Harvey experiences Black & Blue instead of Salt & Pepper a Wallbanger? ...primal Bob what is it a disease maybe I mean the whole population explosion can be blamed on the 3 Little Pigs the one with the brick home remember Brick House by the Commodores it is a taboo. So pop throws me in a drug rehab run by a N.Y.C. both ex junkie and former Korean War Vet. Why? To keep that gangster watch. Anyway I finished it with top honor at the same time like I said Rev. Tony was seen with a bottle of wine and a small recurring Heroin habit. Don't know if he flunked out or not but a good version of the story is no, Tony (Anthony) who fell in love with his daughter; now this is in Chicago too. Well the two return to N.Y.C. and by the way Tony Gonzales is a perfect synthetic clone to Lionel Richie all the songs can be seen perfected throughout his majestic personality. Lionel Richie - Dancing On The Ceiling All the way up to the 911 'Karma is like this now' with the right inspiration and follow the leader advice. So go ahead add in "even with me." But the Bob crap well I heard a Michael Roach can do that. In Zen maybe the hard crap but regular debating deduction is a Mica roach all white and just dealing drugs. So like if your real name is Michael Umbe (U) rger you need F.B.I. protection because you congenial bong passing has been passing your halitosis as your folk go SORRY Mac the Knife Richard Burton or Humphrey Bogart from Hollywood... , and the Joker on street kids, their claim is in Limburger Cheese. And yeah don't forget to 'not Bogart that hit my friend.' In your block of Meths Lab home there in the tenement. Cause you will, Members Only rule. So come to the party dressed to kill then. Crude Bob it is like this the new kid he is fat other than that maybe retarded. I still see him as a human and in 4th grade from where brick homes met the normal stuff just a spy house and there they were the 3 to the end of the block and the school West Rockville Elementary WRES. I walk in risk now down the unsidewalked road with little play gully like watch the rain go by in a small time portable river. To visit one day and knock on the door, etc. Well he comes flying as fat as a fat two years behind me in school kid can out of the front door with a baseball bat length half inch thick 2 and a half inch wide plywood plank with a nail shoved through the middle about two inches down from the top. Meets into me and swings it and hits me in the where a needle goes in. Ow. (so really he deserves his bad left to right ankles) Some fucked up reason I let his mom offer apology screams stop that Bob come home now yanking me along for the scold too obviously offer forgiveness her retard. Bob. Puff the Magic Dragon - Jackie Paper (Draper) Part 1 of 3 [BEST QUALITY!] if i had a hammer - peter paul and mary Backstreet Boys - Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

is patience a virture
Thinking of the wild. Maybe Buffalo first names don\'t need capitalization unless it is a proper enough situation. B i l l So the Buffalo is like an Indian thing. Then too the origin can be like said a befitting situation should some misguided one state a name the same obviously for them in the midst of the Great Plains someday. In metamorphic genetic humanism can you tell if a person is going to be African or Indian a simple idealization to go 50 Hyde. And become a spook or too travel the thousands broke hey hey on foot to here to be waiting like like the movie Little Big Horn and let me go into that also. [ like if we are all hanging and it is sound a car horn makes what determines the definition who is blowing it stupid ] real cold pretty cold like doesn\'t Chilly Willy look good today in his necktie with his evermore safe friend Tennessee Tuxedo. COLD MAN Uploaded on Jan 29, 2008 (1956) Chilly steals some fish that Smedley is guarding. Smedley learns a trick or two from Chilly though and gets even in the end. Classic scene involving Chilly stealing fish with a vacuum cleaner. Moto-double Cross Uploaded on Aug 16, 2008 English sound 2002 TV (Woody Woodpecker), (Pica Pau), (Pajaro Loco), (Picchiarello), (Вуди Вудпеккер дятел)! Promo Woody Woodpecker - Boomerang France - February 2012 Or Published on Mar 3, 2012 Boomerang France - Continuity - March 2012 (Après-Woody Woodpecker) End-Fin Garfield & Cie (DSK Tom & Jerry + Woody Woodpecker)/Tout de suite : Tom & Jerry/Après : Woody Boomerang France - Continuity - March 2012 (Après : Woody Woodpecker) Where so untimely mention was fortunately made of a friend to in jun with guts checks out gun in doctor bag after straightening out his mind set with a punch and sorry tot he philosophies of the wind proceeds to put a tiny look the nitrogen help it go in line to put obvious hole like bullet make in head. By friend must go on with the day. Sparing instant Karma as John Lennon might add. Meaning here a bit of instant carnation it is a word, no? Since maybe rich folk avoid them bills as a poor representation of socialism. Don\'t they put anyone down the 1 - 7 saint the American Saint lets see A C G, feigning the mutant hair look a totally messed up individual. NO NO I am the Big Shows little its bro sky or bro-ski. Yea, analyze Charlie and his devils the famed odd numbered middle to the ever increasing work force of N.Y.C. trash men boss and supreme leader onward our job will never end so sprang up in the other dust bowl blowing up from in your face sand a translation Basra u the u half of {w} take the B to a little one and wow trash in Spanish. Too take on the spiritual harbors of the dirty job... Probably being Babylon stolen for some God forsaken reason I guess to safely get crime off to a behind the scenes start so all the fixing can be in the political arena. BRUVA Mess with me Mess with me. Abe Lincoln may of responded it is how you say it son respect our first President George then now you know how I am plighted by the underworlds temptations a little contemptuous red-head witch going hit me with her broom flying fire. Whilst I am unbeknownst. Then the last and shame on you a accuser huh cussed her out hey well where your likes are may I not worry you over it. SyFy 2 _, - . Just as dazed by how selling the best half to Tarzan\' sex life was a whitey also. Turned chocolate by the freedom splaying out fee mercy so as to be as a Marine slogan chants As Best AS I Can Bee. No pun intended as Hot Cross Buns the cheap ones you get attract them. Sparingly on the sugar. Dingbat. As crazed whoever, you know. Telling you the real 500 mile beach has long been in existence with the beached Valdez like a booty pirate ship can you can you take it out Pacific way I doubt that that is not a step in the wrong direction but if you are totally like Ziggy out of the go-go dollar sticking out your nose good candidate for inducted pirate we take all like no problem it was the great cartoon Pirates of Dark Water. So why not name your old man watch this video: Fast Eddy- Shark Ad - YouTube The puffadder shyshark or happy Eddie (Haploblepharus edwardsii) is a species of catshark, family Scyliorhinidae, endemic to the temperate waters off South Africa. This common shark is found on or near the bottom in sandy or rocky habitats, from the intertidal zone to a depth of 130 m (430 ft). Typically reaching 60 cm (24 in) in length, the puffadder shyshark has a slender, flattened body and head. It is strikingly patterned with a series of dark-edged, bright orange \"saddles\" and numerous small white spots over its back. The Natal shyshark (H. kistnasamyi), formally described in 2006, was once considered to be an alternate form of the puffadder shyshark. When threatened, the puffadder shyshark (and other members of its genus) curls into a circle with its tail covering its eyes, giving rise to the local names \"shyshark\" and \"doughnut\". It is a predator that feeds mainly on crustaceans, polychaete worms, and small bony fishes. This shark is oviparous and females deposit egg capsules singly or in pairs onto underwater structures. Harmless to humans, the puffadder shyshark is usually discarded by commercial and recreational fishers alike for its small size. It has been assessed as Near Threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), as its entire population is located within a limited area and could potentially be affected by a local increase in fishing pressure or habitat degradation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia \"Etc.\" and \"Etcetera\" redirect here. For other uses, see ETC (disambiguation) and Etcetera (disambiguation). The &c (et ceterarum, \"Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland and of others\") shows that Oliver Cromwell did not renounce the English claims on France. Et cetera (in English; /ɛtˈsɛtərə/; Latin pronunciation: [ɛt ˈkeːtɛra]) (rare: etceteros) is a Latin expression that means \"and other things\", or \"and so forth\". It is taken directly from the Latin expression which literally means \"and the rest (of such things)\" and is a loan-translation of the Greek \"καὶ τὰ ἕτερα\" (kai ta hetera; \"and the other things\". The more usual Greek form is \"καὶ τὰ λοιπά\" kai ta loipa: \"and the remainder\"). Et means \"and\"; cētera means \"the rest\".