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Earth Foundation is a nonprofit, national media specialist team. The Pacific Rim is of immediate, vital interest to us. We are currently focusing on Hawaii + the Pacific. We are working to preserve Hawaii’s native culture & natural resources. Earth Foundation (EF) researches the State of Hawaiis & Mauis Agriculture, Energy and Water; helps protect Maui’s and Hawaiis beaches & land; works with the Native Hawaiians on Maui and statewide and with Hispanics on Oahu; and helps protect the international public health of Hawaii, U.S. West Coast, and the Pacific from nuclear waste.

Earth Foundation Corey Ryder
In the Hawaii State Legislature, in Honolulu, EFs representative has good relationships with top leaders in the State Senate and the State House of Representatives. On Maui, we have good relationships with top elected and appointed officials, the Mayor, and the Planning Director of Maui County Government and we work closely with Maui County Government where appropriate.

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Start a tradition of committing to reduce your eco-footprint every Earth Day and throughout the year. ake your Earth Day Resolution today! Make your Earth Day Resolution today!

Earth Foundation Corey Ryder
Dr. Ed Laws, Ph. D. Former Chairman Department of Oceanography University of Hawaii In April 2003 the President of the University of Hawaii referred Earth Foundation’s Mr. Ryder to Dr. Ed Laws then serving as Chairman of the UH Department of Oceanography. It was a great pleasure for EF’s Mr. Ryder to meet and form a relationship with the great gentleman Dr. Laws over a 1 ˝ year period. During that time, UH Oceanography Chairman Dr. Laws spent considerable time sharing substantial information with EF about Hawaii’s and the world’s oceans, other scientific information, public health, and the scientific method of research.