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I offer music from both new and established artists who are seeking more exposure for their work. I also sell Books and eBooks, Art, Movies, and Games.

Original Classical and New Age Music
Scott Shannon is a composer of classical and New Age music. Between 2002 and 2005 he produced 11 albums. 5 of them are now being offered as a Buy One Get One Free Special.

A Worldwide Talent Contest
You Sing It!, a new iPhone/iPad app is a talent contest for the world. Contest rules, submission requirements, as well as a full description of the contest are explained.

Books For Everyone
I offer a wide selection of books and eBooks for all ages. Many of our eBooks are free and available for download.

Watch Free Movies Online
I offer a wide selection of movies and videos for all ages. Many of my movies are free and can be watched on the site.

Discover Music in All Genres
I offer a wide selection of music CDs, music videos, and MP3 downloads in all music genres and for all ages. I also have free MP3 downloads for more than 2500 songs and almost 200 albums.

Explore the Vast World of Online and Offline Gaming
I offer information and opportunities to purchase the latest video games and video game systems, plus free game downloads.

Explore the Exciting World of the Fine Arts
I offer a wide selection of information and free videos about all facets of the arts including dance, photography, theater, and fine arts.