is a Free Automobile Advertising Website on an unlimited hosted server so anyone that needs to buy sell or trade a nice car can have a website devoted to customs & classic cars of all ages. Buy Sell & Trade Cars Faster with QuickClick only on Oldies but Goodies - vehicles of all kinds, Chevy Dodge & Ford vehicles and more, vehicles of all kind for that matter / classic, vintage, hot-rod & rare or pricey items all on one website! Hi, my name is Henry Hartley, Founder & Owner of I recently decided it was time to start a classic vintage car website that was not over-run by Dealer Advertisements that dwarfed the Private Car Seller by alot to a little,... odds in comparison! Hence, the birth of we will advertise your Private Party Seller Vehicle for a $FEE and for FREE, No Joke, I was tired of the Dealer Played out websites, so I built my own Privateer Site for the Private Seller. Dealer's are always welcome still, they just don't get the FREE Advertising I offer to the Private Seller. is an Exclusive Classic Car Website with an Unlimited Page Hosted Website and I even put up the one time Million Dollar Coach RV for sale in it. I know its the nicest in Las Vegas! (more pics to come) Oh, and I also added my favorite drive, this one is a beauty, a 1967 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow and I got a few more I might list as well. As always if ya know someone privately selling any nice cars, be sure to remind them of their freinds at; Come check us out!