SOLUTIONS One-On-One Qualitative Sessions

One-On-One Qualitative Sessions One-on-one qualitative research got its roots in the offline world in the form of face-to-face in-depth interviews (IDIís). iModerate has taken the one-on-one qualitative research approach online, providing clients the depth and openness of an in-depth interview and the efficiencies of an online methodology. Our one-on-one qualitative sessions allow researchers to have candid conversations with respondents and probe deeply with each individual. Moreover, they alleviate the inherent pressures and biases of a group dynamic. These one-on-one qualitative interviews can be used in conjunction with an online survey or as a stand-alone qualitative tool. Whatever the application, these sessions help you effectively listen to consumers and achieve your research objectives.

One-On-One Qualitative Sessions
One-on-one qualitative sessions are different than traditional group methods in that they are individual discussions between moderator and respondent. The rich feedback from these conversations is then compiled to provide a holistic picture of the audience supported by rich details. This personalized interaction is ideal for uncovering consumer feelings, motivations and reasoning surrounding even the most sensitive topics. iModerateís online approach gives respondents an added layer of comfort as they are essentially anonymous. This translates to a more open and honest conversation even when discussing the most sensitive of subjects.